walk it out

There is no question that Shea is thriving.  He pulls himself up, gets to where he wants to be and absolutely loves summertime.  He has swim lessons with Daddy weekly, and giggles with excitement at the beach.

He can now be spotted wearing his glasses and I'm sure it will come as no surprise to hear that he's already stopped several strangers in their tracks. While he gets plenty of compliments about how adorable they look on him, there is definitely a shock factor to seeing a baby in glasses. We've gotten many questions about how in the world we knew a 6+ month old needed them in the first place.

We are grateful.  We are grateful Shea's pediatrician ordered the initial head ultrasound. We are grateful his genetic work up was essentially negative, and we are grateful the work up included an ophthalmology appointment that has lead us to being proactive with his vision. The eyes were simply another incidental finding after the hydrocephalus (yet not related). Bottom line: Shea rocks his glasses and wins everyone over.

Aside from adjusting to some metal frames, it has been smooth sailing over the past couple of months for Seamus. We know our new normal consists of monthly eye visits and quarterly doctor's appointments with our team of specialists, but it no longer seems overwhelming.  Now we have our eye on the future.

Pieter, Seamus and I will be participating in LA's Hydrocephalus 5K in September. While there is no pressure to participate, you, our family and friends, have been our strength throughout this whirlwind and we would love to spend time with you. I attached the link below where you can register under our team, "Shea Dude".


Love and hugs.

Erin, Pieter and Seamus