game time

img_1115 Shea continues to lead us through this whirlwind, showing us the ropes. He woke up as pictured above, smiling ear to ear. After a night full of snuggles, bath time (where we didn't dip, but drenched him in holy water from Lourdes), and prayers, he slept like a champ. In pre-op, he fought through hunger pains and fell asleep in mommy's arms until heading off to surgery.

Pieter and I continue to be blown away by everyone's generosity and thoughtfulness. The cards, texts, goodies and meals make us feel so loved. It's no surprise the nurses adore our little dude and CHOC has made us feel right at home. It certainly helps seeing familiar faces left and right.

Pieter and I just heard all went well and will be joining him in recovery. Stay tuned.

Love and hugs. Erin, Pieter and Shea