the 1st hour

My man Shea. Daddy is taking over this post... We arrive in recovery to a screaming little dude with tubes connected to all parts of his body. Not the easiest moment in our short career of parenthood. Nonetheless, once Shea gets into mamas arms, he is instantly calm. Thus adding to the reoccurring theme in the process of how incredibly amazing my wife has been... A proud husband.


Our two surgeons come in and explain how well Shea did and that the surgery was a success. It is remarkable to already see the shunt doing its job. Shea's soft spot has reached normal levels. Putting all our cards on the table, the shunt was installed to a complete success. The biggest thing we need to pray about is that the shunt does not take on an infection.

We have been moved to the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, where we will stay with Shea while he is monitored overnight with frequent neuro checks. While he is still not himself, he is easily calmed in our arms. We can only imagine what his mind is going through as his life with a shunt begins. Erin and I can't wait for him to be ready to eat or smile.

We cannot express enough how incredible the outpour of generosity has been. You better believe we're feeling the love and our little guy is going to get across the finish line because of all of you.

Please keep him in your prayers.

A lucky husband and father, Pieter.