We got smiles! Shea's personality started shining through last night. He finally wanted to eat and that he did. We knew he was feeling better when he screamed at  the burping breaks during his feedings. Hangry. Shortly after we were back to smiles and the occasional coo. He slept well for being in the hospital and gave us a 3-hour stretch!

He has had some low grade fevers, but nothing to be alarmed about at this time. He's not to sure about being attached to so many cords, but the nurses don't seem to mind coming in to fix them for our little man. He has a crib fit for a king!

Now we wait for rounds to see if there's a chance of being discharged! Prior to surgery, the doctor had recommended we follow up with a genetic specialist to determine if there is anything else going on. We will be meeting with her (Dr. Bocian) tomorrow.

Continued prayers for our latest adventure.

Love and hugs.

Erin, Pieter and Shea