Shea got Dr. Muhonen's stamp of approval to go home! Both Dr. Muhonen and the intensivist (Dr. Cook) remarked about how well Shea has been healing.  We were educated about signs and symptoms to look out for in the coming days and will follow up with Dr. Muhonen next week. After all, as Dr. Muhonen left the room he reminded us "we're married now." Again, we are lucky to live a mile away from thee specialist Shea needs.

Pieter and I couldn't wait to hold our little man without setting off the monitors! We packed up our belongings, soaked up some more baby Einstein and got wheeled out via wagon. We couldnt wait to leave, but found it difficult to say goodbye to our neighbors. No one should have to live what we have gone through, however we are hardly alone or the only ones. It is families such as the McKimmeys (family friends) who we were fortunate to share our walls with who helped give us strength to take one day at a time and show us how to completely love your children. Talk about a blessing!

Seamus is so loved. We were excited to go home, but completely overwhelmed (once again!) by the thoughtfulness at our doorstep! Thank you. Thank you for reminding us we are not in this alone. We have the absolute best family, friends, neighbors and teammates. Your prayers have truly let us be in the moment for Shea. I'm not sure how such a tiny human can have brain surgery one day and be home the next, but he has done it and continues to smile.


Love and hugs.

Erin, Pieter and Shea