one day at a time

Daddy's back... Shea, what a dude... image

Taking it in stride day by day has been the mantra around our home this week. Sometimes it's been hour by hour but we have managed to focus on the little things to get us through. As we continue to look for answers on how much the hydrocephalus might effect Shea's body and potentially mind, it cannot touch his heart, and it cannot touch his soul. No matter what comes next in life we will celebrate that fact everyday moving forward.

I'm not going to lie, today was a big day. Before we understood about the severity of the hydrocephalus (Monday morning at 8:30am); before we understood we would be taking our son into brain surgery (Monday morning at about 9:00am); before we spent the night in the PICU at CHOC on Tuesday; we had always had an appointment for Thursday March 3rd at 1pm with a genetic specialist to follow up on a concern issued by our Neurosurgeon to better understand if the hydrocephalus was linked to something bigger, potentially a syndrome. The hydrocephalus was supposed to be checked as a formality and the genetic specialist was where our main concern was as late as early Monday morning. Funny to think that brain surgery on our 10 week old was the least of our concerns is ironic at best...

We enter our appointment today with our shields up preparing for the worst however are met with some good news. After a thorough 90 minute investigation, we are informed that Shea is simply one healthy little dude. A follow up appointment will take place to analyze a slew of blood work so we are not out of the woods yet. However, the specialist initial take is met with a huge breadth of fresh air. Two very happy parents leave the hospital with their smiling newborn, how it should be right?

We have a long road ahead and we won't get final lab results till June, but hey one day at a time... As my wife always says,"we got this..."

I have to include a quick story of a conversation that took place between Shea's 3 year old cousin Cecilia and his aunt Sarah:

Cecilia: mommy, is Jesus in water?

Sarah: (choosing the baptism route) yes, Jesus was baptized just like you? And you know who is going to be baptized soon?

Cecilia: who?

Sarah: baby Shea.

Cecilia: just like big baby Jesus?

Sarah: yes, just like big baby Jesus.

Cecilia: so mommy, is big baby Jesus also in Shea?

Sarah: yes, sweetie, yes he is...

Again, thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. We are one blessed family.

The Bergers